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Cottage El Caño 5estrellas

Information and reservations 647 425 167 & 610 400 505

Caño I
Caño II
Casa Rural


Typical farm house, newly built but made in the style of old, noble earth materials: wood, stone, iron ... and large spaces inside and outside. porches to watch the sunrise or sunset. Spaces for the desktop, the social gathering or games. The decor will not leave you unmoved, the spacious rooms have been decorated combining old furniture recovered after a careful restoration surround yourself with avant-garde objects pair maximum comfort. Want to go back fully recovered from stress? because as a child sleeping on our mattresses The Natura and our viscolástica with aloe pillows, wrap yourself in our goose down duvets and enjoy the peace is around. Can you resist the smell of oak wood languishing in our fireplace? If you are looking for a weekend for just the opposite because you're with your friends celebration and want to leave the area an adrenaline rush you have also found the ideal home, if we you ask you get in touch with companies that organize paintball, pastures with bullfights (heifer), horseback riding, skiing, canoeing, quads etc. and this adds to the proximity to Salamanca 30 minutes. You have to come and see for yourself. Staying at the Casa Rural El Caño is to do it in a real house of luxury and exclusivity, located in the heart of the province of Salamanca. A new building fully integrated into its environment which subtly combine elements of old architectural details vanguard. traditional raw materials such as wood, stone or wrought iron chair the building marked by a refined rustic style. The spacious porches become the ideal space for gathering, relax with a book or enjoy any snack is read. Another interesting option is breakfast outdoors getting the pleasant morning sun, using the equipment teak garden furniture. When the oil reaches Castilian in their classrooms winter enjoy the warm atmosphere that loosens slowly oak wood to burn in chimneys preside. What if you gather to yours around to celebrate the most anticipated nights of the year? Can you imagine celebrating here Christmas or New Year's Eve? The antique furniture decorate their corners create a relaxing atmosphere in which the guest will feel at home. The rooms full of thoughtful details, invite the more placid rest. Rustic decor, interior and pampered careful attention to detail. Ideal for holidays or family events, business meetings or friends. The evocative atmosphere of the house is enough claim to give you a weekend with your family. Decorated with great detail from lighting to touch the sheets.


House Rules

CHECK IN: The entrance to the house will take place from 16.00, at which time the remaining amount of the stay plus the bond be paid by completing the intake and parts traveler . In house facilities and can only remain people who are registered by rating unless authorized part of the property. In no case they are allowed in the house more people than certain when booking.

NOISE: To preserve coexistence with other customers and neighbors, from 2 o'clock in the morning , should contain the noise (music, voices , etc. ) . Remember that you have rented a house, not a party room , any possible complaint in this regard will be your responsibility . We hope your understanding.

VEHICLES: The only shared space is parking, for which we have divided their use; El Caño 1 for a vehicle and the Caño 2 for three vehicles. They should be parked so as not to disturb other tenants or hinder access to agricultural area or garage / warehouse.

PRECAUTIONS: Do not touch the electrical and heating systems to change or adapt without management approval installation. They should refrain from smoking in the rooms. Avoid carrying or using objects and liquids present fire hazard. In case of fire immediately leave your room and go to the exit (there are fire extinguishers on both floors ).

CHIMNEY/BARBECUE: The fireplace is used only as a method of heating under no circumstances be used for cooking, roasting etc. , for which there is a barbecue on the outdoor lounge at their disposal. The use of barbecues is limited by the existing regional regulations on forest fires , being under the responsibility of users any incident in this regard and its consequences. We have firewood available to our customers at a price of 6 euros the basket. ( First basket is free).

CHECK OUT: The last day of stay the house must be vacated before 12.00, unless previously agreed . Once the stay is complete the person in charge in the presence of our guests reviewed the house to check that all items of decoration and equipment are in perfect condition and no missing pieces of lingerie. Rupture or unexplained loss of any of these items must be paid by the customer minus the amount of the bond.

Each house has its garden space . Be careful that your children do not exceed these limits , disturb other tenants and / or mistreat facilities and garden. We spent a lot of time and effort for your satisfaction. Let us continue to enjoy accept children in the housing


We hope that our guests enjoy a pleasant stay and respect for these standards.

Cancellation of reservations.



The rental prices and their ability correspond to the officially declared in the Castilla y León which are exposed on the board of the house itself according to the provisions the Order of December 20, 1994 of C. Culture and Tourism of the JC y León.
To make their reservation, the customers have to deposit 30% of the amount agreed upon in the current account which are indicated. The remaining 70% will be paid on arrival at the house, also 100 euros as garantee.
To the proceeding to the signing of the admission document, the rules will have to be accepted and the customer assumes the obligation to deliver, at the end of the rental, the house in the same conditions in which you found it; The damages  because of bad use will be paid by the customer. At the end of the rental, if all is ok in the house, the 100 euros of the garantee  will be returned.
In case of cancellation of reservation shall be done the return of the signal according to the percentages indicated according to the date of cancellation thereof:

more than 15 days before
100 %
between 15 and 7 days before
30 %
7 or less days before
0 %

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